Organic Apple Salad

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If you have a sweet tooth, don’t deny it! Give yourself something healthy. Here is a creation I came up with last night to satisfy my cravings. Be sure to try to use as many organic ingredients as possible for optimal health.

Organic Apple Salad 
Cut up 1 Gala apple into a bowl (or apple of your choice)
Sprinkle the following ingredients to your taste:
coconut shreds
a dash of cloves

That’s it!  I love how quick this snack is.

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Why must we wait?

Patience teaches purity

Transformation is a sticky subject. Usually by the time we want to change something about our lives, the pain has become so unbearable that we want a miracle and are wearing holes in the knees of our pants to get it.

The internet, with its “get rich quick,” schemes, try this one diet “trick” for instant results, or do this “magic spell” to get that special someone to fall for you is de-sensitizing us away from true character development. There is an inexhaustible list on the world-wide web and everyone wants to board that express to success without understanding the work they have to do.

It’s safe to say that our problems have far exceeded our solutions, and our solutions are arrows in the dark. We solve one problem and watch three others spin out of control. You make one person happy at the cost of your own. You fix one addiction only to see it pop up somewhere else in your life. You quit one job only to find another one just like it or worse. Maybe you keep dating the same person over and over, just with a different face.

Jumping from solution to solution is a worthy pursuit to find what works for you, but if you’re not understanding the process of transformation, most likely you ditch your old efforts for new ones before anything has time to take effect. This leads to endless seeking and searching and is, quite frankly, exhausting.


Patience is hardly used in this (Western) world of convenience we now live in. But the value of patience is priceless and saved for the wise. Waiting, slowing down, becoming still, reflecting, and listening are keys to what you are searching for and not just a bunch of spiritual or religious hype.

Impatience is a wrench in your life to be avoided. Its expressed through fights, illness, addiction, road rage, emotional manipulation and control, excessive consumerism and a lot more of not getting what you really want, except a lot more frustrated. After all, like attracts like.

Patience for patience

If you would like some significant changes in your life, then you will have to get serious about it, and yes, wait. You will have to have patience to learn patience. That is living in the here and now. All these alarm bells that are going off in your life need you. As you deal with each one in its own time,  you will learn patience. You will also develop a strength of character that will prepare you for the things you want.

Patience is a step by step process, designed this way for a specific reason. We humans can only handle so much, and much of the time we conveniently distract ourselves from doing the work necessary to build our character for more exciting roles in life, like meeting a soul mate.

But patience is constantly working inside and outside of you in very small increments. When we become still, we start to notice those tiny impulses and then can recognize how they spin out of control into wild emotional binges that show up in addiction, fights, and other unsatisfactory response that leave us feeling exhausted and depressed later. Patience teaches you how to manage those impulses in ways that give you your power back, and work with your situations or other people in a way you can feel good about.

Because if you can’t manage your own emotions, how will your soul mate see you as a soul mate? If you cannot manage the money you have now, how will you be able to handle more of it? If you can’t find time to work on your passions now, how will you have time when the pressures and demands of that passion increase from exposure?

Instant fame and lottery winners can tell us fast success often leads to failure because the right character traits didn’t have time to develop. Many famous people have and are dying of drug overdoses because of the immense pressure they are under from their careers. Countless lottery winners end up broke months later because they didn’t adopt new spending habits to go along with their wealth.

While most of us will never have to deal with that kind of pressure, the message is still the same. We have to learn how to deal with the problems right in front of us. As you build character you will find that you can handle bigger dreams and the bigger demands that come with them because you developed a muscle in your character.

Not only that, but the problems that you are trying to overcome permeate various aspects of your life. A good example is a person that quits smoking sometimes suffers from weight gain. They quit the addiction, but they didn’t overcome the emotional addiction that caused them to start smoking in the first place. But by adopting the right character traits, one of them being patience, you will solve parts of those various problems you are dealing with and learn other complimentary character traits that will help you solve larger aspects of your problems in a systematic way.

Adopt the habit of patience

Slow down and live your life right now. If you make a choice to become more patient today, and actively move towards that decision, you will find a heavy burden lifted from your shoulders as you no longer struggle and fight against things you can’t control anyway.

Take your time to develop this habit right and make sure you’re using it in all parts of your life. Start with one area and start to practice it everyday, even if the practice is just conscious awareness. Visualize yourself as a patient person every night before going to sleep. Consider evaluating your beliefs and expectations that are so prevalent in this society of instantaneous results. Try a few positive affirmations every night before going to sleep. Here are a couple to get you started.


After doing these things, start looking for confirmations showing up in your life. You might hear people talking about patience, or unintentionally find yourself reading about it on the internet, or noticing parts of a book or movie stand out to you that involve something about patience. That means you are becoming consciously aware of your actions. Pursue those cues!

Do you have a positive affirmation or suggestion for developing more patience? Share your wisdom below.

What does your soul have to do with the environment?

If you had the power to change what is happening to our planet, would you act on that power? When you look at your own life, and understand the constant weight from the perspective of consuming, and realize its an addiction, you start to realize what a heavy burden that is to carry.

However, we say it in different terms. We express this weight as being unfulfilled, unhappy or like something is missing from our lives. The truth is we have become so disconnected from our souls, that we no longer find meaning in what is truly important to each of us. Life. Sharing of life. Being connected with ourselves and one another. Doing happy things and feeling true contentment inside.

When you work on your own personal development with the environment and community in mind, you learn to develop yourself in an all-inclusive way. You get in touch with your soul, your passions, your loved ones and simultaneously realize that although technology is fun, it’s never as much fun as laughing with another. Material wealth cannot fulfill us, and the environment is showing us this fact.

The environment reflects the state of humanity. We all have the power to change what is happening to our world. Your soul is your power. It connects you to the Source of life, whether you call it God or something else. When you  tune into that power, your wants, desires and addictions fade. Your complaints turn into compliments, your sorrow turns into gratitude. Your anxiety turns into peace. You transform into the very thing you seek to fulfill you.

Everyday activism isn’t just about money and volunteering. It’s a lifestyle choice that involves developing yourself into a happy person through contemplative reflection of who you are everyday, maybe every moment. It is also contemplative reflection on how you treat others, what you buy, how you fulfill your passions, how you manage your emotions, what choices you make. Every aspect of your life can change in a way that creates peace and stability inside you, while fulfilling your passions and joyfully connecting with others. Environmental conservation becomes a side effect of your happiness and willingness to do what is right. 

Check out this trailer below. If it grabs your attention, there is a link for a 93 minute video. But please, take care of yourself today. Don’t give up. Our world needs your help and happiness.

HOME: The Environment – by homeproject : Living Green Magazine.

Waterkeeper Alliance Video – Let’s Clean Up Our Messes Together

Photo Courtesy of: Quoteseverlasting
Photo Courtesy of: Quoteseverlasting

You can get involved in any organization through money or volunteering, but what we also need is people willing to help the massive pollution problem by changing their lifestyle.

In the beginning of this video, narrator Edward Olmos talks about heroes. We all have this inner want to do something great.  But just like this video indicates, sometimes doing something really great isn’t being famous.  Sometimes doing something really great is just choosing to consistently work on one problem everyday without fail.

If this video inspires you, consider a lifestyle that is minimal. The reason we have so much factory pollution is because the people demand it through what they buy. If you change through effective personal development what you want decreases. You want less, spend less, become happier, and put less of a strain on the environment.

Evaluate the decisions you are making. Get intelligent with your spending and find ways to reduce your consumerism and pollution on this planet. You may only be one person, but when you do something enough times it gains momentum and becomes contagious to others. You will be a hero to all of us for standing brave and making a few sacrifices in your personal life for the sake of others and the environment.

via Edward James Olmos Narrates Waterkeeper Alliance Video – “Around The World” PSA – 2012-2013 – YouTube.

12 Ways to Send Your Love Double Time

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Give your love to nature too. Photo courtesy of Brian Wright.

As we get ready to round the corner to February, marketing has put down the green and red decorations to pick up the pink, red and white.  Yes, it’s that time of year again where people either continue the same old consumerism traditions from last year and the year before that, or…

Choose to do something new this year, spread a message through purchasing habits, spread a message to loved ones, and most importantly, teach kids in a fun way, to care about what is happening in the world through awesome gift giving opportunities like the one Sierra Club is doing now.

Isn’t it great you have the power to change people’s minds through positive examples?  You have the power to change the future of our world by demonstrating good examples, especially around holidays, to children even if they aren’t yours.

So, this year consider the Sierra Club’s gift idea for Valentine’s Day for a special someone or your kids.  You can pick from one of twelve wild life locations to give on behalf of wild animals, and Sierra Club will send you a stuffed animal (or a rucksack), a recognition certificate, a photo and a sincere thank you for your conscious awareness and support.

12 Ways to make you, the environment, the wild animals, Sierra Club and your loved one happy this year!  

That’s a lot of heart happiness for one small sponsorship!

  1. Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; gift – stuffed polar bear.
  2. Badlands National Park; gift – toy stuffed bat.
  3. Rocky Mountain National park; gift – toy stuffed elk.
  4. Everglades National Park; gift – toy stuffed sea turtle.
  5. Yellowstone National Park; gift – toy stuffed grizzly bear.
  6. Yosemite National Park; gift – toy stuffed mountain lion.
  7. Giant Sequoia National Monument; gift – toy stuffed black bear.
  8. Grand Canyon National Park; gift – toy stuffed tarantula.
  9. Glacier National Park; gift – toy stuffed gray wolf.
  10. Acadia National Park; gift – toy stuffed harbor seal.
  11. Great Smoky Mountains; gift – toy stuffed black bear.
  12. Adirondack Park; gift – toy stuffed bald eagle.

If you don’t have kids or a special someone, why not give to Sierra Club and then give your stuffed animal or rucksack to an elderly person or a sick child in the hospital? Maybe you have an even better idea.  It doesn’t seem like much to give for another, but its a very powerful experience to share with others.

A little story of holiday giving

I know someone who was going through a rough time and on a holiday gift giving program with her daughter, as well as food stamps and housing assistance.  She had a hard time asking for presents at Christmas because she was aware that in the next city over people were homeless and hungry.  So on her gift request form for the sponsor tree, she asked for money be donated to a local shelter as her present that year.

The couple that chose her name from the gift tree to sponsor them that year loved the idea. The husband and wife donated to a homeless shelter and gave the woman a certificate to show much they contributed on her behalf and how many people who received a meal.  This woman said it was a very powerful experience to feel the energy of sharing and giving circulate through that many people; one of her best Christmas presents ever.  Its more powerful than our traditional ways of giving influenced by the Western culture.  Have you ever tried it? Maybe this Valentine’s Day will be your first time.

Make more hearts beat happier with just one gift

Double Time your love this year by choosing gift ideas that promote messages to those around you while making them feel loved and appreciated at the same time.

I sponsored Glacier National Park on behalf of my kid.  Right now they are giving free shipping if you order before January 31st.  My child will receive a 12″ plush Lynx, a small reusable tote bag, a letter of recognition and a picture with some information about Glacier National Park.

What beautiful wild area and wild animals will you support with your loved ones this year for Valentine’s Day?  The great Sequoia and the black bear?  Adirondack Park with its bald Eagle or the Everglades’ sea turtle?  The Grand Canyon, home to tarantulas?  You have to check out the stuffed tarantula, its such a unique stuffed animal for a child.  Pick from twelve and then tell me what you’ve done.

You Are What You Eat, and So Is the Planet

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Thank you Waponi for this lovely image.

In the latest email from Green America, the article, “Green Goal #2: Take Back Our Food System,” reminds us that what we eat matters to our bodies and environment. Green America supports an organic, GMO free diet to help combat the issues of the devastating effects the food industry has on our health, and the issues it causes from pollution, pesticides and pesticide resistant organisms (GMOs).

Raising awareness about these problems helps us to focus together on a worldwide problem that hits us hard every time we grab a bite to eat. We have insurmountable evidence backed by research showing us what food does to our health and longevity, good or bad.

The drug called food

When we consider the damage caused by toxins, we also have to consider the time and money that goes into trying to stay healthy and out of debt. Not to mention quality of life drops a lot when we’re constantly focused on fixing the problem. We spend hours exercising, eating what we think is right, shopping, and learning about health. If we’re sick, we spend just as much time on medical care, prescription pills and therapy, struggling with the anguish of ill-health.

When you eat right, your life dramatically improves. Your food bill drops. Your trips to the doctor’s office become infrequent. You, in short, get your life back along with a feeling of empowerment and happiness. The kind of food you eat has a direct effect on your brain and how it functions and thinks. Your mind becomes clear and your emotions are easier to deal with if you’re eating the foods that are naturally designed to support brain function. (If you’re not so sure, check out this article about food and brain function at Psychology Today.)

Good food leads to improved relationships as well. There are countless articles and loads of research that show us something as simple as sugar and/or caffeine causes extreme irritability, which makes working on social and family relationships tough when all you want to do is bite their head off or you can’t even remember what the issue is. Did you know too much of the wrong sugar contributes to memory loss? Maybe we don’t have to get old so fast after all.

The big picture

In short, food is one of the biggest issues in our Western culture that connects our well-being with our lives, or our illness with dysfunctional lives.  And since everyone has to eat, it is also one of the biggest issues that effect the environment. With the Western lifestyle spreading across the planet, that means more people out of the 7 billion + human population pool are starting to adopt less healthy habits, which is putting increasing strain on our world. Just as this overwhelming number of people is a bad thing coupled with bad habits, it can also be a good thing when more people start working together by switching to better habits.

There are many ways you can get involved to make this issue meaningful to you. You can join other groups, give money, volunteer with organizations, and help spread the word. Some people have time and money for that, others don’t.

So how can you get more out of your connection to these issues whether you can join others or not?

Better yourself

This creates direct impact and more immediate results to help you get back on track. But it also inspires people around you with your consistent results and compassionate behavior. This is exactly what we need to have happen so that more people will be willing to make the change too.

Times are changing

As we change, the supply and demand aspect of our Capitalistic society will have to change also. Media and marketing are hyper-focused on what we choose to react to and want more of. Advertising plays with our minds so we’ll impulse buy. We hold the key to improving our country by what we choose to buy and what we don’t choose to buy. Just take a look at this article posted on about how Hostess went bankrupt after being in business since 1930.

Although, lack of sales wasn’t the only reason they filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy, we all know that a business meeting the supply and demand requirements (cough, cough, you and me) doesn’t usually struggle with the other financial structures built to keep it floating.

Times are changing how we buy products, whether you’re a business or a consumer. Many people are starting to realize that what goes in their food also goes in their life and can result in traumatic illness that just isn’t worth it.

Do something

We all talk a lot of talk, pitch in some money here and there, but use direct action the least. Change that now. Commit to more and take the pledge with Soul Our Power today. Commit to adopting a diet that is full of nutrients and minerals that promotes your body’s ability to heal itself. This means eating more raw, organic vegetables, whole foods, and plenty of water. Eat less fast food, processed food, and restaurant foods that are toxic and poorly packaged.

So while you’re healing yourself, you’re healing the planet by making good food choices. There are endless amounts of diets that you can choose from that support higher intake of raw foods over processed foods. Start looking for one that you like. Even if the only thing you do today is think about it, that is a step in the right direction. Maybe tomorrow you’ll try an apple instead of french fries. Maybe the day after that you’ll get a little adventurous and try an organic pizza.

Diets composed of whole foods create less waste in our environment and pocketbooks. Transitioning to a new lifestyle is never easy but as you become more aware you will find ways just like countless other Westerners have, rich or poor. You don’t have to completely switch over today. All you have to do is decide to improve yourself and then keep on keeping on a day at a time.

What do you think?


Top 10 Ways To Improve Yourself and the Planet at the Same Time

If you think this is just another long, run-down list of things you’ve heard the same old way before, think again. This is the top 10 things you can do to improve yourself mostly, but just so happens to help others and the planet.

What could be better than solving three problems with one solution? I can’t think of much in when so many things are starting to break down or already have. With ideas from different perspectives, our minds open to new possibilities, which this list aims to do. Let’s not work harder, let’s start working smarter.

Don’t forget to sound off at the end of this list. What new ideas can you come up with that tackle self-improvement, community, and the planet all at the same time? We want to know.

1. A sustainable raw organic diet – it will dramatically improve your health, make you less dependent on medications, cut doctor and food bills. If you buy from Farmer’s Markets you cut packaging waste and pesticide pollution, and support local, organic companies. You also will take part in shifting the economy towards sustainable, ethical companies via supply and demand.

2. Interpersonal Communications – one of the main reasons we have so much conflict with people is our lack of understanding in communication. Endless problems in our world resolve down to poor communication. By improving how you communicate with others, you improve your relationships, your health, and your overall  happiness. We all want better connections with our loved ones. Why not be a leader and help yourself and others communicate in more compassionate ways?

3. Reducing what you buy – In Environmental Science, the three “R’s” refer to recycle, reuse, and reduce. Out of the three “R’s,” reduce is the least used in our efforts towards cleaning up the planet. Western culture, specifically the United States, is known for having both the highest consumer and pollution rate for its population count. On your path to self-improvement, focus on removing useless or negative things spiritually, mentally, and materially. See what negatives you can do without. Anything helps to cut back on what we are doing to the planet.

4. Eco and human friendly buying choices – We have a conundrum going on in the buying world with so many companies driving for what they believe in. Usually you can easily find organic produce, but it’s wrapped in plastic or some other polluting packaging. Or, you can buy eco-friendly packaging that has processed and GMO foods or products that aren’t healthy for the body or environment. Look for companies and Farmer’s Markets that support both pure foods and eco-friendly packaging. They are far and fewer, but the more we give them our money, the more we create supply and demand.

5. Consider the health costs of the diet you have now – You might think that the highly processed diet you’re on now isn’t costing you anything. Many people are living on fast food, restaurant food, and packaged foods at the grocery store. The general attitude is that there is nothing is wrong with it or that its, “my money and my body, and I’m fine.” But consider how much money you are spending on doctors and dentist visits, prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs like antacids, cough syrups, pain medicine, vitamin supplements and protein powders, weight loss remedies and programs, exercising programs, nutritionists, books and DVDs.

At the end of the year, you might realize you could have bought a nice vacation somewhere for that price. And that is not counting all the misery you endured, all the pollution you helped put into the environment, and how much money you gave your insurance companies.  The biggest benefit you get from living your life, “however,” is that you don’t have to think about what it’s costing you and how it is making your life less than par. Not really worth it when you can live a healthy, happy life in a beautiful environment that doesn’t cost you anything in the sense of well-being.

6. Minimize your footprint – Everything we buy affects the economy, supply and demand, jobs here and around the world, and of course the environment. Did you know that some cell phones Americans buy support child slavery and poor work conditions in other countries? Of course it would be almost impossible for us to just stop using our cell phones, but do we need to buy a new one every 6 months or even 2 years?

If we treat our belongings better and with more awareness, we don’t need to buy repeat purchases as much. We can still survive if we don’t have the latest version of a phone or computer. It would take time to ultimately resolve an issue like sweat shops and child slavery, since they consider slavery their bread and butter no matter how awful it is. With their lands gone, they need to eat. Its better than nothing. However, the more we focus on reducing our impact and coming up with better solutions, while also fighting for  human and environmental rights, the closer we come to creating a better world to live in.

7. How can you become a better compassionate leader? – Everyone has an innate want for heroism of some degree. We often fantasize about it in grandiose ways that leave us as the sole ownership of combating some great evil. But this just isn’t the case anymore. We live in a world saturated in personal opinions and is why online marketing is such a huge industry. We are all looking for ways to bust out away from the crowd. This is good for healthy business competition but not necessarily with the rest of us.

See, while we’re also dreaming about being a hero, we have internal conflict about being different from others or standing out from the rest. It is normal that we want to follow the crowd, tending to trust ourselves less. This is where leadership and being a good role model come in. It keeps us from the huge responsibility involved with being a hero, while also letting us stand out from a crowd at a comfortable distance.

Start finding unique and compassionate ways you can tie multiple eco and human friendly solutions together to create an example for others to follow. But also look to others to get great examples and ideas. In this way, you are a leader and a  follower of others through reciprocal sharing. We find a comfortable place that makes us feel connected to loved ones and the world. Start creating solutions that work for you and others.

8. How you treat others during times of stress and conflict – Love and happiness are one of the greatest contributors to human and environmental health. Happy people do happy things. We all say we love each other when times are going well. We exceed in our abilities to help one another and be together with fulfilled expectations.

But when that doesn’t happen? Things get real bad, real fast. If you truly love, it is unconditional. This means you are working to improve relationships with others whether they meet your expectations or not. When we love one another, our behavior demonstrates this. If you’re having conflicts with people and finding that you can’t keep your cool, you might tend to become manipulative, or lie, or other behaviors that help create these conflicts.

Start looking into how you can adopt better self-control and emotional stability. Find compassionate ways you can create better personal boundaries and make sure you and the other people are sticking to them. In the Western culture, we’re raised in ways that don’t support unconditional love. This goes back generations. Be a leader and start figuring out what went wrong, and be the hero to stand up for it. Learn to adopt non-violent speech and take part in peaceful conflicts, even if other people aren’t or won’t. Your continued dedication to this will eventually become contagious for you and others.

9. Switch to chemical-free household and lawn and garden products – Another major contributor to our problems are the products we buy for our homes. Every product we buy now has chemicals that are not good for us. The list is endless and could be a blog of its own. As you go through your home, try to start adopting more organic and eco-friendly products to improve your health and the environment. The bathroom and kitchen are two of the worst places we deal with chemicals. To the food we eat, the soap we use, the toxins coming from plastics and teflon, to the make-up and shampoo too.

Its overwhelming, but if you take it one step at a time, even with curiosity and interest, you’ll eventually realize that the natural products are more beneficial in every way. Not only that, but when you make these switches, it affects the supply and demand change. Fewer animals will get tested on for products that still aren’t safe for humans even after the testing. And you will be saving the environment. When you start tweaking your life enough, you will eventually see a cost efficient lifestyle as well. This means less time killing yourself at your job, and more time on things that you love.

10. How you use technology in terms of your relationships – How many times have you noticed that someone’s attention was not fully on you because of some electronic device? Sometimes this doesn’t matter, but when something like texting starts to take over someone’s life, everybody around them also feels the effects.

Recently I was aware of a situation where a person that texted a lot thought they were always excluded from others. After being in that situation without the use of her phone, she had a really good time with everybody and said she didn’t feel excluded at all. The power of your devices are often unseen until you set them aside and engage with others in a fun, compassionate way. This is also true of computers, TVs, video games, and etc. Try it out for yourself and see. That sense of connection you are longing for will have more opportunities to show up in your life and get to you a lot faster.

Take Action

Take the pledge with Soul Our Power today. Its free, and its up to you how you reach the goal, so  be creative and self spoken. Also, committing to the pledge is enough to create a spark of change in your life. Keep pursuing it a little at a time each day and you’ll eventually be reaching goals you never  thought you could. Thank you for your energetic, mental and physical support to this cause for a better world. Now let’s hear what you have to say! Leave your digital footprint below.