Hey you.  I’m glad you came here.  I hope you found this website because you’re interested or passionate about social and environmental change and tired of dealing with consumer culture as it currently is.

What I’m creating here is a resource center for advocates, activists, and concerned citizens.  We are witnessing some pretty crazy things going on in our nation and world and a lot of people are confused on what to do, who to lean on for support, where to go for like-minded people.

Some people feel they know what to do but can see that their efforts are not giving them the results they hoped for.  People get excited, but are enough of us taking action in fundamental ways?

After spending years working on myself, my life, and intensely studying social issues from different angles, I’ve found some of the major reasons why social change isn’t gaining bigger traction is because the rules for activism and advocacy have changed a great deal.

Our groups have become more diverse, making it more difficult to connect with larger crowds.  We have more information at our finger tips than ever before, making our opinions more diverse and divided.  And the ways we communicate have changed due to social media and how it influences us to act and react to one another.

With so much confusion between groups and ulterior motives of corporations, media, and the entertainment industry, communicating and connecting with one another has become more difficult than ever before.

So I’ve created this website to help others by sharing what I’ve learned about communication, leadership, and the basis of connecting with others in our lives.  I want to help advocates, activists, and concerned citizens with the unique struggles you face as leaders ushering in solutions for the problems we all face.

With all the different personal issues going on in your life, that are often by-products of a consumerist-capitalist culture, it can be pretty depressing and defeating to keep your own life together while trying to stand up for a cause.

When standing up for a cause that you are deeply emotional and passionate about, it can take a lot out of you.  Whether  you’re just learning to recycle, upset about an issue on social media, or have been a hardcore activist for years, change is hard.  It is an uphill battle that is doubled for those that care about their country and world because not only are they trying to fight their own battles in their lives, but they’re also trying to fight a bigger battle in society.

If this describes you, I hope this website will help you find ways to minimize the stress and trauma in your life by changing the way you think and feel about stress and trauma.  Once you start to change your beliefs, your behavior starts to change, your wants and desires start to change, and then your life starts to change creating a stable foundation for you to work from that lessens the battles and struggling.

There are many ways you can help yourself minimize stress so that you have the mental and emotional capacity to not only stick with your passion, but also lead with strength and altruism.  Please go through my website and see what piques your interest.  If there is anything missing you think I should add, please contact me.  If there is anything that I could add or improve, please contact me.

My mission and objective is to be supportive, provide information, and empower you to keep keeping on.  Right now we have too many good people suffering from depression, anxiety, addictions, poor relationships, people who are suicidal, and just frustrated and overwhelmed.  We need each other.  Our country and world need us.  I’d like this website and Facebook group to be the starting point of a community where we can work together towards something better.

With the right resources and efforts channeled in the right places, it is possible to overcome what holds us back so we can have the strength to share our personal stories and empower others.

Whatever you’ve been through or are going through, there are other people going through it too because that is precisely how social issues and social norms work.  When we share our trials and triumphs and the ways we came through them, people are attracted like magnets to each other.  We bond over the pain and trauma.  And then we channel our emotions into a worthy cause that helps end the oppression that causes these traumas, whether it is systemic  oppression or oppression coming from people in our personal lives, it all comes from a similar attitude that can’t change until all of us do.

I hope you will find my website and resources useful and may you ever stay on your path of following your heart and convictions.