Like so many of you, I believe in a better world. Since I was young, I’ve always been the type of person who couldn’t stand for anyone (or thing) to be left out.

In my early 20s, life started to take some dramatic turns for me. These cataclysmic changes pushed me into an obsessive pursuit to discover what was wrong with me, what is wrong with the world, and if there was anything to be done about it.

For nearly 15 years, I’ve done nothing but submerge myself in research, study, explore, experiment anything and everything to do with personal development that came up for me – to include spiritual, mental, social, and even cultural and on to environmental welfare. Not only the academic studies I did in college, but also deep internet research. I not only explored mainstream ideas, but also many other ideas that are not popular or even shunned.

When I say I was submerged in these topics, what I mean is that I literally spent years at my computer obsessing about these subjects. While friends and family were enjoying weekends out, entertainment, and creating beautiful memories in life, I was glued to my computer, isolated, and hungry for the truth.

What I found is that we live in a world where peace and harmony are very much possible. We have all the tools to create it and there are still people alive today showing us how social sustainability creates environmental sustainability. But, because we are so submerged in toxic cultures, we are blind to how to fit the pieces together to make that a reality for the rest of us.

So I’ve created Soul Our Power, which serves as a hub for this reality to become possible. Here, I will show you what fundamental developmental tools we each need to have to start creating this better world, a platform to where we can all come together, and constant support to help us achieve social and environmental sustainability.