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Valentine’s Day Without Capitalistic Values

To me, being friends and being single on Valentine’s Day isn’t a bad thing. I find out more about people through friendly exchanges or friendships than I ever would otherwise.

Knowing people takes time. We have quirks. We have stress. We are anxious, busy, tired, and sometimes downright depressed. That’s a lot to spring on a person in a relationship after the “honeymoon” is over, which is usually when people start to sense they aren’t with who they thought they were. This ends up becoming a pseudo-happiness not founded in friendship and love.

But with friendship, everybody gets to check each other out, see what matches up and what doesn’t, before hearts get broken. It’s slower, but it’s way kinder than the way most social expectations work and the ways they make us interact with each other, many times unethically.

And if you do your friendships right, you’ll always gain a friend into your life, even if not romantic. And after awhile, that holds so much more weight in a heart than flighty escapades with people you don’t know that well and they don’t know you that well. Those kinds of interactions that make for feeling empty inside because no one knows you at all. We all have to risk a little to be friends!

So this Valentine’s Day, and like many in my past, I make it my own and I make it about Friendship. Capitalism will make you feel like shit for being single, and for some it makes them feel like shit for being in a relationship, but it’s a lie. You’re an amazing person. Get out there and make another person feel amazing just by saying Hi with a big fat smile and recognizing them. Find one person to uplift and encourage today and you’ll know the essence of Love and Friendship (giving through your pain – giving to others what you wish you had) which is a great segue into what kind of romantic relationship you want anyway right?

And if you’re in a relationship, keep the love alive through Friendship!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


12 Ways to Send Your Love Double Time

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Give your love to nature too. Photo courtesy of Brian Wright.

As we get ready to round the corner to February, marketing has put down the green and red decorations to pick up the pink, red and white.  Yes, it’s that time of year again where people either continue the same old consumerism traditions from last year and the year before that, or…

Choose to do something new this year, spread a message through purchasing habits, spread a message to loved ones, and most importantly, teach kids in a fun way, to care about what is happening in the world through awesome gift giving opportunities like the one Sierra Club is doing now.

Isn’t it great you have the power to change people’s minds through positive examples?  You have the power to change the future of our world by demonstrating good examples, especially around holidays, to children even if they aren’t yours.

So, this year consider the Sierra Club’s gift idea for Valentine’s Day for a special someone or your kids.  You can pick from one of twelve wild life locations to give on behalf of wild animals, and Sierra Club will send you a stuffed animal (or a rucksack), a recognition certificate, a photo and a sincere thank you for your conscious awareness and support.

12 Ways to make you, the environment, the wild animals, Sierra Club and your loved one happy this year!  

That’s a lot of heart happiness for one small sponsorship!

  1. Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; gift – stuffed polar bear.
  2. Badlands National Park; gift – toy stuffed bat.
  3. Rocky Mountain National park; gift – toy stuffed elk.
  4. Everglades National Park; gift – toy stuffed sea turtle.
  5. Yellowstone National Park; gift – toy stuffed grizzly bear.
  6. Yosemite National Park; gift – toy stuffed mountain lion.
  7. Giant Sequoia National Monument; gift – toy stuffed black bear.
  8. Grand Canyon National Park; gift – toy stuffed tarantula.
  9. Glacier National Park; gift – toy stuffed gray wolf.
  10. Acadia National Park; gift – toy stuffed harbor seal.
  11. Great Smoky Mountains; gift – toy stuffed black bear.
  12. Adirondack Park; gift – toy stuffed bald eagle.

If you don’t have kids or a special someone, why not give to Sierra Club and then give your stuffed animal or rucksack to an elderly person or a sick child in the hospital? Maybe you have an even better idea.  It doesn’t seem like much to give for another, but its a very powerful experience to share with others.

A little story of holiday giving

I know someone who was going through a rough time and on a holiday gift giving program with her daughter, as well as food stamps and housing assistance.  She had a hard time asking for presents at Christmas because she was aware that in the next city over people were homeless and hungry.  So on her gift request form for the sponsor tree, she asked for money be donated to a local shelter as her present that year.

The couple that chose her name from the gift tree to sponsor them that year loved the idea. The husband and wife donated to a homeless shelter and gave the woman a certificate to show much they contributed on her behalf and how many people who received a meal.  This woman said it was a very powerful experience to feel the energy of sharing and giving circulate through that many people; one of her best Christmas presents ever.  Its more powerful than our traditional ways of giving influenced by the Western culture.  Have you ever tried it? Maybe this Valentine’s Day will be your first time.

Make more hearts beat happier with just one gift

Double Time your love this year by choosing gift ideas that promote messages to those around you while making them feel loved and appreciated at the same time.

I sponsored Glacier National Park on behalf of my kid.  Right now they are giving free shipping if you order before January 31st.  My child will receive a 12″ plush Lynx, a small reusable tote bag, a letter of recognition and a picture with some information about Glacier National Park.

What beautiful wild area and wild animals will you support with your loved ones this year for Valentine’s Day?  The great Sequoia and the black bear?  Adirondack Park with its bald Eagle or the Everglades’ sea turtle?  The Grand Canyon, home to tarantulas?  You have to check out the stuffed tarantula, its such a unique stuffed animal for a child.  Pick from twelve and then tell me what you’ve done.