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The Power of Friendship

Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together. – Woodrow T. Wilson


Are your priorities making you happy?

English: Amanda Palmer Live 2008
English: Amanda Palmer Live 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is what it all boils down to at the end of the day, at the end of your life.  Are you happy with what you have now instead of what you hope to get?  This quote is from Amanda Palmer’s blog in regards to her experiences during a tour of Occupy Wallstreet and the various cities she visited.  She was at lunch with a couple of her friends and this was part of the conversation she retells on her blog:

we need new ways of changing things. some parts of the old ways work, but not all. jason and i were talking about this the day over lunch with his friend, oliver. oliver’s just come back from a few years of living in morocco, and he’s been experiencing extreme culture shock getting back to the USA. the quality of life here, he maintains, is not as good as many people “think” it is. i’ll get on board with that, having traveled a lot. people in the media constantly point their fingers at “over there” and tell us to thank our lucky stars that we’re not living in certain other foreign countries. but how happy are you, really, ounce for ounce, compared to someone who lives a life with less wealth than you, but more intimacy with their loved ones, more focus on their community, their art, their health, their pace of life, their priorities? i’m not asking for an argument. i’m just asking asking for a consideration. if you’ve already made it, good. Amanda Palmer

Taken from her blog: Amanda Palmer The great part is that many of the pressures created in our culture can be relieved if we learn to let go of the things we think are keeping us happy and learn to embrace the things that truly make our soul sing.  The simple things in life make us happy, and when we’re happy we fight less, play more and can learn to have fewer responsibilities by learning to need fewer things to exist, survive and fulfill ourselves.  We can build our lives on quality relationships that will sustain us to the end of our days.  Material wealth is nice, but it leads you further away from love, than to it.  And love is the most important thing.

Milky Way Meets Indonesian Volcanoes In Stunning Time-Lapse Video – YouTube

A reply to Milky Way Meets Indonesian Volcanoes:

A wish for Humanity
My heart soars with your beauty,
Everyday my eyes astonished.
What could create this beauty?
It leaves me speechless.

Everything connected
By the vastness of Love.
No person untouched
Or forgotten in this world.

I reach out to you in words,
You to me in energy.
My heart dances with the waves
Of ever-moving love.

Sweeping the earth
Transcending us all,
No one falls,
Let no one fall.