The Power of Friendship

Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together. – Woodrow T. Wilson

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Humans Kick Koala to the Curb

Humans kick koala to the curb This image and story is circulating from Huffington Post and going around on Facebook.  The koala wants to go home, but there is no home to go to because it's been destroyed by loggers and deforestation.  If you want to check out this sad story, go to Huffington's article.… Continue reading Humans Kick Koala to the Curb


“When we look a…

"When we look at nature and decide it's beauty, we decide this based on how untouched it is by pollution. It is the same way with your soul. Strive to be a better person by being yourself and let go of the superficial perspective. Beauty is the purity of which you refine and define your… Continue reading “When we look a…


Milky Way Meets Indonesian Volcanoes In Stunning Time-Lapse Video – YouTube

A reply to Milky Way Meets Indonesian Volcanoes: A wish for Humanity My heart soars with your beauty, Everyday my eyes astonished. What could create this beauty? It leaves me speechless. Everything connected By the vastness of Love. No person untouched Or forgotten in this world. I reach out to you in words, You to… Continue reading Milky Way Meets Indonesian Volcanoes In Stunning Time-Lapse Video – YouTube


Living on $4 a Day?

I just watched this video with Marisha Ray from BFD on Take Part TV. Here is the comment I left on her video: The portion sizes American's eat are usually 2-3 times larger than what the body actually needs. Over-eating is not good for your health. Reducing portions and buying organic, as well as purchasing… Continue reading Living on $4 a Day?

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What Are You Doing to Make the World Better?

I just logged into my Facebook and found a post from one of my friends. He's frustrated with all the crazy news stories in the media about the problems in our world. He wants to know where all the good stories are from those of us that care and are doing something to make this… Continue reading What Are You Doing to Make the World Better?

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Earth Hour March 23, 2013

Watch this video! Are you gonna be 'there' with us on March 23rd supporting this idea and commitment to the planet? Know of an awesome event in your area?  Let me know! I will be looking to see who is doing this in Colorado so I can join up on any activities for "Do It In… Continue reading Earth Hour March 23, 2013

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You Will Not Believe Your Eyes!

On an island in the Pacific, 2000 miles away from any land, is an island of birds. See what is happening to them. Insatiable desires of consumerism are giving us great consequences with our pollution. You can DO something about this by changing your lifestyle. A minimal lifestyle and conscious awareness will bring you happiness, fulfillment… Continue reading You Will Not Believe Your Eyes!


What does your soul have to do with the environment?

If you had the power to change what is happening to our planet, would you act on that power? When you look at your own life, and understand the constant weight from the perspective of consuming, and realize its an addiction, you start to realize what a heavy burden that is to carry. However, we… Continue reading What does your soul have to do with the environment?

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Waterkeeper Alliance Video – Let’s Clean Up Our Messes Together

You can get involved in any organization through money or volunteering, but what we also need is people willing to help the massive pollution problem by changing their lifestyle. In the beginning of this video, narrator Edward Olmos talks about heroes. We all have this inner want to do something great.  But just like this video… Continue reading Waterkeeper Alliance Video – Let’s Clean Up Our Messes Together