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What are your biggest struggles with change?

Watch Woody Harrelson's opinion on the people vs. corporations, and then read on below because I need your help!  Help me, help you..... bonus if you know which movie I'm parodying... Did you know that our issues are in our hands this way?  But there is more at play than just corporations isn't there?  You gotta… Continue reading What are your biggest struggles with change?

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TEDxDirigo – Zoe Weil – The World Becomes What You Teach

What are you teaching your children? Love and Peace Related articles The Best Time of Day is Right Now ( How to Be a Solutionary: Zoe Weil's New TEDx Talk ( Clear Values ≠ Easy Decisions ( Zoe Weil, the World Becomes What You Teach, a Ted Talk. (  

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What Are You Doing to Make the World Better?

I just logged into my Facebook and found a post from one of my friends. He's frustrated with all the crazy news stories in the media about the problems in our world. He wants to know where all the good stories are from those of us that care and are doing something to make this… Continue reading What Are You Doing to Make the World Better?

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Earth Hour March 23, 2013

Watch this video! Are you gonna be 'there' with us on March 23rd supporting this idea and commitment to the planet? Know of an awesome event in your area?  Let me know! I will be looking to see who is doing this in Colorado so I can join up on any activities for "Do It In… Continue reading Earth Hour March 23, 2013


What does your soul have to do with the environment?

If you had the power to change what is happening to our planet, would you act on that power? When you look at your own life, and understand the constant weight from the perspective of consuming, and realize its an addiction, you start to realize what a heavy burden that is to carry. However, we… Continue reading What does your soul have to do with the environment?