Social and environmental change is a tough subject with many power struggles going on in media and social media.  Some times these controversies affect our personal lives to a great degree.  Some of us believe in eating meat, some of us don’t, and some are in between.

We all have different ideas about how to “save the planet” and save ourselves for that matter.  We are also dealing with unique circumstances that can make it tough to know the answer to, “What works for me?”  Or, “What options are available?”

My passion is to help you get through the endless challenges you face (as a change maker) by offering ideas, resources, different perspectives, a ‘judgement-free’ space, and help you maneuver through difficult situations with people, animals, and the planet.

Sometimes, it is just dealing with our own depression or anxiety, and not being able to figure out how to get through it because some of these issues feel so devastating.

I’ve spent 11+ years studying what is good about the world, what is bad about the world, and many things in between.  I also spent 4-5 years in college learning about the issues of cultures, society, and the environment.  I understand the plight of many children, the inhumane practices of animals, and continual destruction of our eco-systems.

I understand how depressing and traumatizing even just learning about these subjects can be, or for some, they are caught up in the middle of it and deal with the emotions every day.  But there is hope once you learn the right tools to deal with these struggles whether it is a personal relationship or understanding how to be a better leader in your life.

I am a certified Life Coach, which means that I’m great at helping you get through your obstacles, but I can’t give you mental or medical advice.  I work similarly to a therapist or counselor, but in a much more laid-back, down-to-earth way.  If you’re already seeing a therapist or counselor, I can be a great asset by offering an alternative perspective but in such a way that you start finding results.

In my own experiences, I’ve found myself stuck in places that when I reached out to someone for perspective, I was able to get through it.  Even Life Coaches, therapists, counselors, and leaders of all kinds need advisors, mentors, and friends.

If you would like to work with me one-on-one, I provide affordable services to help you.  Please contact me on my contact page to schedule an appointment.

Right now, I am provide mentoring for $20 an hour plus your testimonial that I can add to my website with your permission.  If you’re ready to start working through some of your challenges and to feel that amazing and refreshing feeling of accomplishment, please contact me and make that a reality!

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