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How do we torture empathic animals?

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Your plastic garbage is killing whales

If this article compels you to want to do something to change this problem we face as a world, please consider joining with others in adopting a minimal lifestyle. The less you consume and throw away everyday, the less garbage that goes into our oceans. Not only that, but your example and compassion will help others to make these kinds of choices too.
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Whales are eating plastic trash, dying, and washing ashore. It happened this summer in the Netherlands (technically the whale got stranded and THEN died); it happened this spring in Spain. Here are the guilt-inducing, gory details of the latter:

Most of this plastic consisted of transparent sheeting used to build greenhouses in Almeria and Grenada for the purpose of tomatoes for the European market. The rest was plastic bags, nine meters of rope, two stretches of hosepipe, two small flowerpots, and a plastic spray canister. Cause of death was intestinal blockage.

A WORLD OF UGH. We don’t know the details of what the dead whale in the Netherlands swallowed, but we know there was plastic in there, so you can bet it’s more of the same: stuff we buy and throw away. And it doesn’t even take much — a 20-year-old Cuvier’s beaked whale died in 2006 after eating a…

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Poaching and the Mindset of Capitalism

Here is a link to a company that trophy hunts.  Veganism is the Future posted a picture of an elephant that was shot and killed for sport.  The dead elephant still had food in its mouth, and the family of hunters proudly stood behind it with smiles from ear to ear.  To view these photos, please visit the linked gallery below where you can see dead lions, crocodiles, elephants, and more.

This is the company that offers poaching tours for people from around the world – Frikke du Toit Safaris.

This fact taken from states elephants are on the endangered species list.  Here is a quote from their website:

At the beginning of the 20th century there were a few million African elephants and approximately 100,000 Asian elephants. Today elephants are now considered endangered, there are about 450,000-700,000 African elephants and 35,000-40,000 Asian elephants.

English: The eye of an asian elephant at Eleph...
English: The eye of an asian elephant at Elephant Nature Park, Thailand Deutsch: Das Auge eines indischen Elefanten im Elephant Nature Park, Thailand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First of all I want to say that I know a lot of people eat meat and I do too but will bounce around to different diets as I want/need to. I have drastically reduced my intake of meat from when I was younger though for various reasons. I think the issue of killing animals is more about the attitude and intent be it poaching, hunting or going to the grocery store. With so many people on this planet we have to make changes to accommodate for everybody. People had to make space for me, my kid and my family, so it’s only rational to see it the same way for others since we all exist here together. I have a hard time with hunting and couldn’t do it myself, but am less worried about that than people who trophy hunt species to the point of extinction or at all. I just read the other day that the big cats in Africa have dwindled to less than half of what those species used to be. That’s just one example of hundreds maybe even thousands of species falling onto the ‘extinct’ list.

But even still, trophy hunting has never made sense to me. I think it is a sickness to kill something purely for the sake of vanity and to make one feel better about themselves, when there are so many ways to do improve your life without taking life.
I think the attitude of taking life in these ways is related to many other issues going on in our country that have a lot to do with subjugation, domination, competitiveness, repressing true expression, lack of self-identity, lack of autonomy, racism, sexism, prejudice and many, many other issues. In just a few short weeks of my college classes, I have found that nearly every issue eventually resolves down to money or wealth, which equals power and pride. I am against Capitalism and have been for several years now since I did a large research paper for an English college class.

It’s the death of your soul. If you’re sick of your job and have bigger dreams that make you feel alive, Capitalism is what will make that more difficult. If you’re tired of the social shit that goes on and how tough it is to relate to people, Capitalism is why. If you’ve ever had prejudice comments towards, racist comments, discrimination against you, Capitalism is why.  The Native Americans call it the ‘ways of the white man’.

It drives every aspect of this country into the ground. It’s spreading around the globe. The only good that Capitalism is for is preserving the economy, which has also caved in on itself. Capitalism creates debt because it doesn’t address the deeper issues of one’s problems; money management and greed, selfish interests such as we see with corporations and governments.

We can’t just sit around judging each other all day though. Really follow what you believe with your actions, the way you spend your money, how you treat others. That is what makes deaths of elephants, tigers, bears, abused domesticated animals, people standing up for their beliefs, all this crazy shit going on not happen in vain. If we listen to it and do something starting with ourselves, they don’t die in vain. Happiness can’t be bought with money, it’s created through interdependence (largely different from co-dependence).  Don’t we all know this by now?  I don’t have anywhere near the money I used to have, but I am happy now. I’m proud of the relationship I have with my daughter and how much time I spend working on myself in order to have that relationship with her. How much I’ve realized what love is from her!  No money, recognition, or material object has ever made me feel as amazing as other humans do.

It gets harder and harder to live without money though as land gets bought up, laws are passed that only benefit certain people, and Capitalism continues to take over and protect its hoard. Laws are changing and things we don’t like are happening. We can’t expect ourselves to be perfect nor should that even be the focus. The effort to try is what is important. The decision to start is what is important. Everybody will start somewhere different but it all counts if it’s coming from your heart. It all affects the people around you when it’s done out of passionate love for something. We all have that in us. We all have that ability to pursue it. If I can do it at poverty level, I know that there is a lot of hope for everyone else who could do so much with just some tweaking of their lifestyles.

If you’re dealing with addictions, or troubled relationships there is hope. Just don’t give up. That’s what it’s all about to me. Even this family that killed this elephant are so devoid of love in ways that extend beyond their scope of life. They are shut down inside and need education that our planet can’t sustain this sort of game for long before we kill off all the animals and environment for the sake of selfless, empty, pursuits that draw us further from love (or what matters most) than closer to it.

Capitalism makes people believe that power comes from competing and dominating over other things. It’s a delusion to feel powerful to hold a gun and point it at a living thing (that isn’t even running or even if it is) and kill it just for the sake of profit, vanity and pride. It’s a disease of the mind.

The link in the photo description takes you to the page where this photo came from. It’s a company in Africa that offers professional hunting. If you think of it in terms that you’re the only one doing it, it doesn’t seem that bad. But when you think of the potential of people all over the world going there to do that, on a consistent basis, then the eventual downfall and extinction of a species over time becomes easy to calculate.

If you are particularly compelled to write or call the company and express your concerns, that information is also available on their website at the top of this post.

Otherwise, find what does matter to you and start taking steps towards it.  Let your love and passion for it lead and guide you.  And never, ever give up.


Humans Kick Koala to the Curb

Koala image on
Koala sits where home used to be. Photo courtesy of Huffington Post.

Humans kick koala to the curb

This image and story is circulating from Huffington Post and going around on Facebook.  The koala wants to go home, but there is no home to go to because it’s been destroyed by loggers and deforestation.  If you want to check out this sad story, go to Huffington’s article.

On Facebook there are over 300 comments on this poor bear’s plight and what we humans are doing to its natural habitat.  This is one story among thousands around the world that talk about what deforestation is doing.

Who’s Fault is This?

The only problem with these stories, is we all talk about these issues as if we don’t have anything directly to do with them.  When we think of deforestation, we think of loggers and corporations, and somehow place the blame there, or out there, or away from ourselves.  The disconnect with doing that is it leaves us feeling helpless as though there is nothing we can do to help the endless amounts of animals and environment being subjected to our issues of consumerism and pollution.

Psychological and Spiritual Effects of Pain and Suffering

It may seem far-fetched to some, but when we witness these sorts of pains and suffering in our world, it affects us emotionally and psychologically.  It affects our soul to see such hurting and usually compels us to move in such a way to stop the hurting.  But when we witness things through technology via images and movies, it stunts our ability to act, as well as emotionally connect with this natural compassion we have within us.

People react differently with this sense of helplessness to give directly to the source of this pain.  Some jump right in to a good cause, others become apathetic and have to push it out of their mind. Or some find a mix between the two extremes of doing something and doing nothing.  Most of us fall in that category.

No, but seriously, what can You do?

The truth is, we can do something.  Something very effective and powerful to stop, slow down, or bring more awareness to things like deforestation and other issues that are effecting us all, not just the animals.  It only took one photographer/reporter to alert thousands about this ONE koala.  But we all have a part to play, similar to this photographer’s part in the awareness aspect.

No matter what our professional passions are though, we can all change our lifestyles in such a way that we can greatly reduce the impact of our consumerism and pollution that is taxing our natural resources at both ends.  And this is powerful and many are already doing this.  But the real power comes from all of us doing it together and yet in our own way.  Supporting one another and encouraging people to take steps in the right direction through positivity.

We can’t beat each other down for eating meat or not eating meat anymore.  We have to allow for the hypocrisies just enough to compel each other to do more in a compassionate way.  To love more so that changing our emotional addictions becomes easier.  Piling emotional pressure on addicts of many kinds only creates more situations for a “fix.”  But compassion helps us to let go of negative emotions, which in turn help us heal from these consumer addictions that are hurting us all.

Be kinder to yourself and others

When we look at images of a koala sitting on a pile of wood chips, knowing it sat there for an hour, confused and really think about that.  Let it sink in.  We can become empowered knowing that for every material thing you can let go of, you are helping countless other species not face this same plight.

Doesn’t it make you wonder what we are doing as a world when many of us already know that stuff does not make us happy?  And when we ask, what does make us happy, the documentary, Happy, gave us three fundamental values each human looks for in happiness.  We want our own personal identity, to connect deeply with others, and to give back to the world.

Some of the happiest cultures have far less than Western cultures do.  They focus on these elements of life to sustain that inner need.  And we can emulate these other cultures ourselves.  You don’t have to scale back so far you are depriving yourself, it is tough to live a different way other than your culture.  But chances are, you own way more than you know what to do with and are suffering  from debt, responsibility and being overworked in ways that are not fulfilling to you.  If you aren’t, then maybe you know other people who are, to which I hope and congratulate you being a positive influence to them!

Can we share common goals for the future?

We all have the same goal in mind.  We want to live a great life, be happy and leave a legacy and share a great planet.  As humans, it is our duty to help one another do this by taking care of our common areas together, just as roommates would in a house.  Our common areas are the environment and all the species, including us, that live within it.  We are a tribe aren’t we?

If you feel like your impact is insignificant, you might be right in a sense.  We cannot work alone on a project of this size.  But, if you realize that every person doing their part will amount to the greater whole, then your efforts become very powerful as you gently lead others toward the same direction by example.  We need leaders who are awesome at positively steering others towards behaviors that not only benefit the self, but also all others as well.  It takes a lot of courage to lead people this way, rather than relenting to critical and negative behaviors towards those not doing their part, but stick with it long enough and you will reap the benefits.

Even the smallest steps will take you somewhere

If this poor koala really touched your heart, please consider a Minimal lifestyle.  I promise you, it is the most amazing lifestyle you can choose for yourself because the effects on you will be so profound and direct.  Everything about your life will change and you will experience a freedom and happiness you never knew existed!

You don’t have to deprive yourself, just choose more wisely.  Refuse to own things that don’t lift you up and motivate you to do more and be more in this world.  What you get rid of is different for each person.  More importantly it’s an ideal that helps you to buy less in the future and spend more time an energy on your passions.

Personal development is deeply tied to social and environmental change.  If you want to make these changes but you’re stuck in a rut, overwhelmed, scared, or confused on how to start, please don’t  give up.   Sign up for my blog (or any other countless blogs) as I continue building more content that will further your efforts to directly impact these issues in your life inside and the world out there.  And always feel free to leave a comment or question below.  We all deserve the very best in this world.  Every person is important, every species is important, and the environment is important.  Our Souls are Our Power to change this!

TEDxDirigo – Zoe Weil – The World Becomes What You Teach

English: Photo of Zoe Weil, author, humane edu...
English: Photo of Zoe Weil, author, humane educator, and co-founder and president of the Institute for Humane Education (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What are you teaching your children?

Love and Peace


You Will Not Believe Your Eyes!

On an island in the Pacific, 2000 miles away from any land, is an island of birds. See what is happening to them. Insatiable desires of consumerism are giving us great consequences with our pollution. You can DO something about this by changing your lifestyle. A minimal lifestyle and conscious awareness will bring you happiness, fulfillment and a passion to help change our world. For more information, please subscribe to my blog.

But for now, watch this video. It made me cry. These aren’t the only animals effected by us.

MIDWAY : trailer : a film by Chris Jordan from Midway on Vimeo.

If you think you’re powerless to do anything about this, you’re wrong. We can change this. I can show you how.