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What are your biggest struggles with change?

Watch Woody Harrelson's opinion on the people vs. corporations, and then read on below because I need your help!  Help me, help you..... bonus if you know which movie I'm parodying... Did you know that our issues are in our hands this way?  But there is more at play than just corporations isn't there?  You gotta… Continue reading What are your biggest struggles with change?


Test your discrimination

  This link is to test if you have discrimination against certain people or groups.  If we begin to learn about how we think, we begin to improve on how we act.  This helps us to shift society towards peace and equality.


Express yourself for Peace

Everyone is an artist or person who expresses their soul.  In whatever way is passionate to you, you can use your voice to educate and motivate those around you in a positive way.  If we work actively on the issues in our world, together we can make a difference.  Make a commitment to start using your… Continue reading Express yourself for Peace


Human Rights, do you really stand up for them?

Who is walking the walk and who is talking the talk?  And by what standard do we measure this?  Did you know how many people are even afraid to start trying because so many others are judging against a false standard?  Judgement.  It is killing the efforts of those of us that are working so… Continue reading Human Rights, do you really stand up for them?


The Power of Friendship

Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together. – Woodrow T. Wilson


Valentine’s Day Without Capitalistic Values

To me, being friends and being single on Valentine's Day isn't a bad thing. I find out more about people through friendly exchanges or friendships than I ever would otherwise. Knowing people takes time. We have quirks. We have stress. We are anxious, busy, tired, and sometimes downright depressed. That's a lot to spring on… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Without Capitalistic Values