Poaching and the Mindset of Capitalism

Here is a link to a company that trophy hunts.  Veganism is the Future posted a picture of an elephant that was shot and killed for sport.  The dead elephant still had food in its mouth, and the family of hunters proudly stood behind it with smiles from ear to ear.  To view these photos, please visit the linked gallery below where you can see dead lions, crocodiles, elephants, and more.

This is the company that offers poaching tours for people from around the world – Frikke du Toit Safaris.

This fact taken from Dosomething.org states elephants are on the endangered species list.  Here is a quote from their website:

At the beginning of the 20th century there were a few million African elephants and approximately 100,000 Asian elephants. Today elephants are now considered endangered, there are about 450,000-700,000 African elephants and 35,000-40,000 Asian elephants.

English: The eye of an asian elephant at Eleph...
English: The eye of an asian elephant at Elephant Nature Park, Thailand Deutsch: Das Auge eines indischen Elefanten im Elephant Nature Park, Thailand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First of all I want to say that I know a lot of people eat meat and I do too but will bounce around to different diets as I want/need to. I have drastically reduced my intake of meat from when I was younger though for various reasons. I think the issue of killing animals is more about the attitude and intent be it poaching, hunting or going to the grocery store. With so many people on this planet we have to make changes to accommodate for everybody. People had to make space for me, my kid and my family, so it’s only rational to see it the same way for others since we all exist here together. I have a hard time with hunting and couldn’t do it myself, but am less worried about that than people who trophy hunt species to the point of extinction or at all. I just read the other day that the big cats in Africa have dwindled to less than half of what those species used to be. That’s just one example of hundreds maybe even thousands of species falling onto the ‘extinct’ list.

But even still, trophy hunting has never made sense to me. I think it is a sickness to kill something purely for the sake of vanity and to make one feel better about themselves, when there are so many ways to do improve your life without taking life.
I think the attitude of taking life in these ways is related to many other issues going on in our country that have a lot to do with subjugation, domination, competitiveness, repressing true expression, lack of self-identity, lack of autonomy, racism, sexism, prejudice and many, many other issues. In just a few short weeks of my college classes, I have found that nearly every issue eventually resolves down to money or wealth, which equals power and pride. I am against Capitalism and have been for several years now since I did a large research paper for an English college class.

It’s the death of your soul. If you’re sick of your job and have bigger dreams that make you feel alive, Capitalism is what will make that more difficult. If you’re tired of the social shit that goes on and how tough it is to relate to people, Capitalism is why. If you’ve ever had prejudice comments towards, racist comments, discrimination against you, Capitalism is why.  The Native Americans call it the ‘ways of the white man’.

It drives every aspect of this country into the ground. It’s spreading around the globe. The only good that Capitalism is for is preserving the economy, which has also caved in on itself. Capitalism creates debt because it doesn’t address the deeper issues of one’s problems; money management and greed, selfish interests such as we see with corporations and governments.

We can’t just sit around judging each other all day though. Really follow what you believe with your actions, the way you spend your money, how you treat others. That is what makes deaths of elephants, tigers, bears, abused domesticated animals, people standing up for their beliefs, all this crazy shit going on not happen in vain. If we listen to it and do something starting with ourselves, they don’t die in vain. Happiness can’t be bought with money, it’s created through interdependence (largely different from co-dependence).  Don’t we all know this by now?  I don’t have anywhere near the money I used to have, but I am happy now. I’m proud of the relationship I have with my daughter and how much time I spend working on myself in order to have that relationship with her. How much I’ve realized what love is from her!  No money, recognition, or material object has ever made me feel as amazing as other humans do.

It gets harder and harder to live without money though as land gets bought up, laws are passed that only benefit certain people, and Capitalism continues to take over and protect its hoard. Laws are changing and things we don’t like are happening. We can’t expect ourselves to be perfect nor should that even be the focus. The effort to try is what is important. The decision to start is what is important. Everybody will start somewhere different but it all counts if it’s coming from your heart. It all affects the people around you when it’s done out of passionate love for something. We all have that in us. We all have that ability to pursue it. If I can do it at poverty level, I know that there is a lot of hope for everyone else who could do so much with just some tweaking of their lifestyles.

If you’re dealing with addictions, or troubled relationships there is hope. Just don’t give up. That’s what it’s all about to me. Even this family that killed this elephant are so devoid of love in ways that extend beyond their scope of life. They are shut down inside and need education that our planet can’t sustain this sort of game for long before we kill off all the animals and environment for the sake of selfless, empty, pursuits that draw us further from love (or what matters most) than closer to it.

Capitalism makes people believe that power comes from competing and dominating over other things. It’s a delusion to feel powerful to hold a gun and point it at a living thing (that isn’t even running or even if it is) and kill it just for the sake of profit, vanity and pride. It’s a disease of the mind.

The link in the photo description takes you to the page where this photo came from. It’s a company in Africa that offers professional hunting. If you think of it in terms that you’re the only one doing it, it doesn’t seem that bad. But when you think of the potential of people all over the world going there to do that, on a consistent basis, then the eventual downfall and extinction of a species over time becomes easy to calculate.

If you are particularly compelled to write or call the company and express your concerns, that information is also available on their website at the top of this post.

Otherwise, find what does matter to you and start taking steps towards it.  Let your love and passion for it lead and guide you.  And never, ever give up.



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