You CAN Lose That Weight

Here are two inspiring videos to lift your spirits if you’re having a tough day with weight loss.  Let these two motivate you, even if you’ve seen them before.  Psychology has proven that repetition in our minds, by repeatedly exposing ourselves to things, creates a neural-pathway.  Once this neural-pathway fires enough times through repetition, it becomes automatic.  So focusing on exercise, and others that exercise can increase your brain power for weight loss.  Once your mind hits the tipping point, you will start doing it too!

You CAN do it, don’t be afraid!

Love and Peace


2 thoughts on “You CAN Lose That Weight

  1. Wow wonderful videos, tears are pouring down, I love these types of stories about everyday heroes a wonderful piece I have shared. Just wrote an article on Exercise and Work here

    Thank you so much
    Diana Swan

    1. Thank you for commenting, Diana. I feel the same way. When I am doing Yoga I think of how hard they worked and it inspires me.

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