Low-Glycemic Index Hell

Sugar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m excited to announce that I finally received an email from Harvard Medical School‘s research that included a list of low-glycemic indexed foods.  The other day I had done so much research I forgot  why I went to their website in the first place.  But the Law of Attraction brought it on over to me anyway.  I hurriedly opened the email, did a small jump for joy and followed the links to their 100 item food list.  After glancing over the list, I felt like I was reading Greek and my eyes sort of glazed over.

And then it dawned on me why people struggle with this stuff so much.  Just like they tell us we can’t drive home drunk, but nobody actually knows when they’re drunk, right?  There are two things going against us here.  1) Inebriation and, 2) How in the H do I know my limit, especially when I’m feelin’ soo fine!  No seriously, they need to install breathalyzer’s in places that serve alcohol. But I digress,…

So, similarly, I’m looking at this list of foods wondering what the heck a gram of food is on this chart and how do I make this all work?  Without a conversion I am lost.  So I figured, others are too.  I did some research on the good ol’ Google God and wasted my time on this YouTube video that was so pointless I wanted my minute back.

General consensus?  Confusion.  Which actually makes that YouTube video funny now that I get the humor.  Dur.

Strangely, when I find that no one seems to have a solid answer, the best place to check opinions is good ol’ Yahoo Answers.  I learn some of the greatest things there.  Here is a link to what I discovered about the Gram conversion confusion.  I admit, I do not feel any wiser after reading that, but I figured its better than being completely in the dark about carbs and sugars and now I’m one step closer to understanding what not to eat. But since everybody has different needs and different diets to meet those needs, I will probably have to compile my personal list eventually.

I would love your opinion, suggestions or otherwise comments on this subject.  I think it would be great if I had a chart sitting in my kitchen that said, “Do not eat even one chocolate covered banana bit because the glycemic load is ________.”  You know, real and practical terms. Also, since I am on a high raw, organic diet, I am curious about how that will come into play with the over all day-to-day reduction of glucose.  Here is the best chart I’ve found so far, but I don’t eat most of the foods on that list anyway.

Do you have a link or book you can share with me that has it broken down like this or similar and in dictionary style?  I’d love to hear from those of you that have sweated over this stuff!


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